Sample Engagement #1
eSelleration was retained by the accessory division of a major consumer electronics manufacturer to assist them in accelerating their online sales.  Our preliminary review of this client’s business indicated that their current distribution strategy has led to multiple resellers featuring their product online at inconsistent prices; Inconsistent product presentation exists across the internet; their existing product content is not likely to achieve significant search results or drive conversion and product reviews are lacking.  eSelleration was retained to develop a refined distribution strategy ensuring reseller productivity rather than cannibalization; development and implementation of a reseller MAPP program, creation of enhanced and consistent content for use on all reseller sites, leverage our proprietary reviewer network to garner deep and meaningful product reviews and finally develop a promotional strategy to increase awareness and improve conversion.


Sample Engagement #2
A major manufacturer of mass storage products retained eSelleration to assist them in developing and opening new channels of distribution. Primarily a contract manufacturer prior to engaging with eSelleration, this client sought a strategy to expand their business without disrupting their existing contract business and alienating their client’s.  eSelleration developed a strategy to introduce this client’s products via the online sales channel where their current client’s were not participating. Once the strategy was finalized, eSelleration began to implement by developing content refined to maximize search results supplemented with client reviews.  Finally eSelleration created a brand launch strategy and product launch strategy to create buzz and hype leading to conversion, sales and profits for this client.


Sample Engagement #3
eSelleration was retained by an overseas premium case manufacturer looking to enter the U.S. market. In collaboration with this client, eSelleration developed a comprehensive market penetration plan to drive sales through retail, eCommerce and general distribution.  In developing the plan, significant consideration was given to maximizing unit sales and account penetration while maintaining premium price points.  To accomplish this, pricing tiers and strategies were developed to minimize channel conflict between eCommerce and retail.  This included identifying and securing channel partners that would elevate the brand rather than degrade it through price reductions.  Additionally, eSelleration assisted in the development of new packaging and messaging intended to improve brand perception and sales.  With regard to the online space, eSelleration developed an end-to end eCommerce plan including enhanced content, SEO, SEM and promotional plans, as well as deploying our expert reviewer network to provide valuable feedback which resulted in increased sales and profitability both online and offline.


Sample Engagement #4
An established manufacturer of Apple accessories  retained eSelleration to assist in expanding their business from an online business into a multi-channel provider with the goal of securing placement in several national retailers.  To accomplish this, eSelleration developed and executed a multi-channel distribution strategy that included identifying and securing key regional, national and mass retailers; providing full account management and strategic planning for acquired accounts; reducing the current reseller base to improve pricing continuity and brand perception; developing a distribution plan to meet the needs of retailers and reduce fulfillment risks while minimizing costs to client; developing a pricing strategy, and implementing an ongoing monitoring plan.